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Meet The Revolutionists

Chris & Tara

Chris and Tara Borghese are the Co-Founders of The Marriage Revolution, where they help married couples find the ultimate state of understanding, connection, and intimacy. 

They have taught multiple marriages and relationship courses over their 30 years of marriage, however, they always felt like something was missing, the key ingredient for couples to actually get the lasting transformation they were looking for. Many couples that came to them for help had already tried counseling, meeting with their pastors, attending conferences, and had read all the “right” books…only to still be struggling! What was missing? Why couldn’t these couples find the answers they so desperately were looking for?

After sifting through everything in the marriage space, they stumbled onto the answer in an unlikely arena… the business world! Chris’s 23 years as a corporate executive gave him the skillset to build teams and utilize different strengths on the team…there is NO greater team than the marriage relationship! Thus, the mystery for lasting transformation and happiness was finally found!

Since putting together their Revolutionary system to having and growing a healthy and happy marriage, they are passionate about getting this into the hands of every couple! Learning to understand your own gifts and personalities is key to being able to complete your mate rather than compete with your mate. 

They have successfully navigated their way through many relationship pitfalls over their 28 years of marriage. They bring hope and practical tools to every audience they share with. 

Meet The Revolutionists

Chris Borghese

Master Revolutionist
2 Timothy 1:7

Tara Borghese

Master Revolutionist
Romans 8:28

Brady Borghese

Technical Revolutionist
Galatians 5:22-23

Cody Cottle

Chief Marketing Officer
Mark 10:27