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The Loneliest place in the world is not being able to communicate with your spouse.

We Guide you with practical expertise to the passion and commitment you knew when you said, "I do"




Are You Experiencing Any Of These Struggles In Your Marriage?

Does Expressing Yourself End In An Argument?

Are You Feeling Unappreciated?

Do You Feel Like Your Guard Always Has To Be Up?

Is There A Lack Of Trust and Respect?

Are You Having A Hard Time Getting Along With Your Mate?

Are You Starting To Resent Your Mates Differences?

You Are Not Alone

The Fact Of The matter is...Opposites Attract then We Attack!

you Will Discover Each Of Your Personality Styles So You Can Start Celebrating Each Other Again!


The Foundation

The Marriage Revolution Course should be a prerequisite for every marriage. Your unique personality style is the foundation to which your marriage communication can be built for success!


The Vision

A marriage without a vision will get tossed to and fro during life’s storms. You may be going through a storm right now, we are here to help! A coach to guide you to have the marriage of your dreams!

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Apart from the Bible, learning the DISC Model of Human Behavior
is the most life changing information on the planet"

Dr. Robert A. Rohm
Creator of The Ultimate Discovery System

What Makes The Marriage Revolution So Different?

The Marriage Revolution framework is truly Revolutionary because it teaches you about yourself! We use the power of personality assessment along with 40 years of tried and true training to marry (no pun intended) the two within the marriage relationship. Instead of trying to change yourself or your spouse, you actually get to know yourself on a level that makes so much sense that you’ll ask yourself how you’ve gotten this far in your life and  marriage without it. Many of our clients have told us that the information we teach has been the “missing link” to being able to truly understand and get along with their spouse. It will open up lines of communication that you may have thought were hopeless. You’ll begin to identify each others traits and actually laugh out loud together!

Learning how you are wired as well as your spouse is essential to experiencing a happy marriage. We are all a blend of the 4 personality traits listed below. Discovering yours is as unique as your finger print. This information will remind you why you married your mate and will rekindle that spark that you may have thought went out…(it’s still there!)

Our proven step by step curriculum  provides the blueprint to be able to finally communicate with each other on a whole new level. It’s like having a treasure box and now finding the missing key to open it! Many of our clients have told us that they believe EVERY married and engaged couple should be required to take this…it’s that powerful! 

Don’t just take our word for it, watch the couples testimonials on this page. 

P.S. Join us in the on-line course, couples coaching or at one of our amazing marriage retreats. We look forward to meeting you soon! 


The Dominate Personality


The Inspiring Personality


The Supportive Personality


The Cautious Personality


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